Who we are

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Computational Solutions helps businesses implement solutions to challenging mathematical problems from a wide range of areas including wave propagation, computer vision, image processing, optimization, and numerical solutions to ordinary and partial differential equations.


April 11, 2017:

Computational Solutions Founder Signs Book Contract for Scientific Computing Handbook. 

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Computational Consulting Services

Scientific Software Development

We develop prototypes, reference implementations, libraries, and end-to-end solutions. We support all common platforms and languages. Learn more…

Software Porting Services

Do you need to port your Matlab prototype to Python or C++ production code? Do you have old Fortran code that you want to port to C#? We meet all your software porting needs. Learn more…

Consulting & Training

Topics include mathematical modeling, methodologies, and algorithms for industry and companies. Learn more…

Tutoring Services

Tutoring services in mathematics and physics in the Denver/Boulder area (click here for a list of subjects).

Areas of Computational Expertise

Numerical Solutions to Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations

We specialize in high accuracy solutions to wave propagation problems using different types of spectral- and pseudo-spectral methods. Learn more.

Computer Vision & Image Processing

We specialize in enhancement and segmentation of imagery with poor resolution and severely degraded quality. Learn more about our methods here. Watch movie here.

Non-linear Optimization

We offer advanced and customizable Monte Carlo based techniques suitable for challenging problems. Learn more…

Advanced Data Fitting

We offer advanced and customizable Monte Carlo based techniques suitable for challenging multi-dimensional data-fitting problems. Learn more…

About Computational Solutions

Computational Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2005 to meet industry’s need for customized solutions to computational problems. Since its inception, we have helped clients world wide to solve challenging problems in a wide area of applications. Our accomplishments include:

  • Developing fast and highly accurate algorithms for large scale 3D wave propagation problems.
  • Developing robust algorithms for finding patterns and objects in challenging image and movie data.
  • Developing advanced tools for denoising and enhancing severely degraded images.
  • Extracting objects in images based on their geometric and topological features in the presence of challenging noise and artifacts.

We have consulting experience in a wide range of areas within numerical analysis, data analysis, and computer vision. Our diverse portfolio of successful projects in multiple scientific disciplines has given us rich experience and unique capabilities to find out-of-the-box solutions to your most challenging computational software problems. By using and inventing innovative algorithms rarely mentioned in scientific literature, we have been able to solve our customers’ problems where other companies and experts have failed.

Being a small company, we are able to offer minimum overhead and red tape, rapid start-up time and flexible and competitive pricing for all your computational consultation needs.

Our company has published papers in a number of scientific journals and industry proceedings and given multiple corporate and conference presentations. We have provided tutoring services, and are well-suited for corporate consulting and training in numerical analysis, computer vision, and Python programming.