Scientific Software Development

We develop prototypes, reference implementations, libraries, and graphical user interface solutions. We emphasize performance and write compiled extensions to scripting solutions when appropriate. We have experience  in developing parallelization solutions, from simple parallelization on your laptop, to cloud based solutions. Assembly code can be written if necessary. We support all common platforms and languages.

Our areas of expertise include

  • Highly accurate numerical solutions to Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs).
  • Efficient and accurate numerical solutions Partial Differential Equations (PDEs). We specialize in highly accurate solutions to wave propagation problems, with virtually no numerical dispersion.
  • Image Processing and Computer vision. We specialize in enhancing and segmenting features in extremely degraded image data, where the signal-to-noise ratio is small. We also specialize in methods for segmenting features in image data with artifacts that cannot be classified statistically.
  • Non-linear Optimization. We can quickly implement parallelized Monte-Carlo based solutions for generic optimization problems.
  • Advanced data fitting. We offer sophisticated solutions for fitting of data beyond least square-based methods. Our tools can even provide fitting using non-differentiable functions for data sets where discontinuities should be conserved.

For a list of some of our publications, see a list of our company publications.

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