Ordinary and Partial Differential Equation Consulting

Our company has developed algorithms and contributed to a number of publications for solving ordinary and partial differential equations. Past consulting projects include:

  • Developing fast and accurate 2D and 3D wave propagation algorithms.
  • Developing fast and highly accurate methods for solving orbit determination problems.
  • Developing a new method for constructing highly accurate pseudo-spectral derivative operators with significantly smaller norm than traditional pseudo-spectral derivative operators. The method is known as the EPS-method and has been published in Journal of Computational Physics (230(15), p. 5836–5863, 2011).

Some of our methods have been published in scientific journals. In addition, the company’s founder Kristian Sandberg has published additional papers in the subject (see LinkedIn page for a complete list).

We have specialized in solutions that use higher order finite difference schemes or pseudo-spectral methods, and use carefully constructed absorbing boundary conditions for problems that lack finite boundary conditions.

We can offer software licensing solutions for state-of-the-art implementation of highly accurate wave propagation algorithms through GeoEnergy (Houston, Texas). Both CPU- and GPU-implementations are available.