Current Projects

Apart from work with our current clients, our company is also engaged in a number of on-going projects to better serve the scientific computing community. Our current projects include:

  • A Practical Handbook of Scientific Computing: Numerical Methods for Solving Scientific Problems. 
    Although many books have been written in numerical analysis, it is difficult to find a practical implementation guide concentrated in one single volume. We are currently working on a book that collects equations, tables, theory, and algorithms frequently used when solving computational problems in engineering and science into one single volume. Our hope is to publish this book late 2017 or early 2018.
  • Continued development of curve filtering methods for image processing. 
    Our company has developed and used curve filter based methods for challenging problems in image processing and segmentation. This work is ongoing, and we hope to submit a paper that summarizes some of our progress in this field by the end of 2017.