About Us

Computational Solutions was founded in 2004 by Dr. Kristian Sandberg to meet the increasing demand for highly efficient scientific computing software. The company is located in Boulder, Colorado, and has specialized in numerical solutions to algebraic and differential equations, and produced innovative solutions to a wide range of challenging computer vision and image processing problems.

Since its inception, we have helped clients world wide to solve challenging problems in a wide area of applications. Our accomplishments include:

  • Developing fast and highly accurate algorithms for large scale 3D wave propagation problems.
  • Developing robust algorithms for finding patterns and objects in challenging image and movie data.
  • Developing advanced tools for denoising and enhancing severely degraded images.
  • Extracting objects in images based on their geometric and topological features in the presence of challenging noise and artifacts.

We have consulting experience in a wide range of areas within numerical analysis, data analysis, and computer vision. Our diverse portfolio of successful projects in multiple scientific disciplines has given us rich experience and unique capabilities to find out-of-the-box solutions to your most challenging computational software problems.

Our company has published papers in a number of scientific journals and industry proceedings and given multiple corporate and conference presentations. We have provided tutoring services, and are well-suited for corporate consulting and training in numerical analysis, computer vision, and Python programming.

Why Choose Us


From electron microscopy to celestial mechanics computations. From massive cluster implementations to real time processing at 30 frames per second on a laptop. Years of experience in a wide range of engineering areas has given us the skills to provide you with out-of-the-box solutions to your most challenging computational problems.

Exceptional Tools

Over the years we have developed a powerful toolbox of innovative algorithm and a rich software library that can be quickly deployed to solve your most challenging problems in numerical analysis and computer vision.


We are not tied to any platform, computer language, or any fixed methodology. We adapt to your needs.

Quick Turn-around Time and Competitive Pricing

By being a small company, we have little overhead and can offer competitive pricing, minimum red tape, and rapid start-up and turnaround time. No problem is too small for us, and we help you to make that important deadline. Your first 2 hour consultation is free!


Some of our past and current clients.


About the Founder

Dr. Kristian Sandberg earned his Ph.D. degree from the Department of Applied Mathematics at University of Colorado at Boulder. His Ph.D. thesis focused on numerical solutions to wave propagation problems and fast tomographic reconstruction techniques in biological imaging. After completing his Post Doc at the University of Colorado he has worked on a wide variety of mathematical problems in industry.